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Bali Nine drug kingpin Andrew Chan, who is facing death by firing squad in Indonesia, masterminded another international heroin smuggling attempt out of Hong Kong - but the operation failed, resulting in three young Australians being jailed.
Daily Mail Australia can reveal for the first time that Chan enlisted Sydney teenager Rachel Diaz, 17, and Chris Vo, 15, both from western Sydney, as drug couriers to smuggle $1 million worth of heroin in condoms, which they were to swallow in Hong Kong and bring back to Australia.
The Hong Kong deal was to run at the same time as the Bali Nine operation - when Chan, Myuran Sumurakan and seven Australian mules were arrested, some with the drugs strapped to their bodies.
It can also be revealed that after his own arrest, Chan wrote a letter to Diaz in Hong Kong, ordering her to keep her mouth shut.
Chan and syndicate partner Sumurakan are on death row and were told this week by new Indonesian President Joko Widodo that he would not grant them pardons, despite their attempts to rehabilitate themselves behind bars. They could face death by firing squad in coming months.
Chan, who Indonesian police called 'The Godfather' when they arrested him, was a key organiser of the Australian end of the smuggling and distribution network, which was detailed in the Hong Kong court during Diaz's trial and described as a 'predatory crime syndicate'.
In just two weeks in April 2005, the syndicate was responsible for the arrest, and later the incarceration, of 17 young Australians for heroin trafficking in three countries.
Diaz, Vo and their minder Hutchinson Tran, 22, were arrested in a low budget Hong Kong hotel room on April 12, 2005.
They were found with 114 condoms filled with up to 1kg of heroin - but Diaz had had second thoughts about taking part in the operation, for which they were to be paid $200 for each 5cm-long condom they ingested.
Diaz's father Ferdinand failed to get his daughter released on bail and 12 months after her arrest, she was sentenced to 10 years and eight months. Vo, by then 16, received nine years, and Tran got 13 years and four months.
All have since been released, with Diaz serving out the majority of her sentence in a NSW women's prison after being transferred in February 2009 under the International Transfer of Prisoners' Act.
Five days after her arrest, Bali police arrested Chan, Sukumaran and their mules Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Scott Rush, Si Yi Chen, Matthew Norman, Michael Czugaj and Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen. The seven couriers recruited by Chan and Sukumaran have all received sentences ranging from 18 years to life.
Both the Bali Nine and the Hong Kong drug smuggling deals were connected with a third, lesser-known attempted heroin importation in which Chan and Sukumaran conspired with four young Brisbane people.
Daily Mail Australia can also reveal that in the lead up to the Bali Nine and the Hong Kong operations Chan and Sukumaran visited a young Korean-Australian who was later arrested and charged over the Hong Kong conspiracy following the arrest of Diaz, Vo and Tran.
A Korean-Australian and a co-conspirator were charged with plotting to import the packages of heroin that Diaz and 15-year-old Vo were meant to swallow.
Chan visited the Korean-Australian at least three times in different NSW prisons and once with Sukumaran in late 2004, just before the two made two 'practice' runs to Indonesia with several of the future Bali Nine couriers, including Renae Lawrence, and successfully returned to Australia with heroin strapped to their bodies.
Chan, who was a manager at a Sydney catering company, duped three of his staff - Lawrence, Norman and Stephens - into becoming mules, promising them thousands of dollars in return.
Following the arrests in Hong Kong and Bali within days of each other - and a series of other arrests in Sydney and Brisbane just days later - police said the Bali Nine had no connection with the Diaz case.
However, detectives have exclusively revealed that Chan was in contact with Diaz for months and all three trafficking deals were connected to a Sydney-based Chinese drug smuggling syndicate which had links to Myanmar.
Chan, who has found God in prison, was regularly visiting another convicted drug dealer in prison as he was conspiring to commit the Bali Nine deal.
Diaz and Vo were recruited to go to Hong Kong as drug mules, police say, on the promise of $6000 or $7000 for a single trip.
Diaz, a trainee hairdresser with churchgoing Filipino migrant parents, and Vo, a McDonald's worker and son of a single mother of Vietnamese origin, came from modest income families in western Sydney.
Neither had previously known connections with drug syndicates, nor had they met before they flew out from Sydney to Hong Kong in April 2005.
Diaz's parents, Ferdinand and Maria, believed she was having a sleep-over at a friend's house and then reported her missing when she failed to return.
On the day she and Vo were due home, April 13, police believe the Korean-Australian went to Sydney Airport to collect them, armed with three packets of laxatives.
Diaz and Vo were in a room at the Imperial Hotel, in Hong Long's Tsim Sha Tsui backpacker district, with the 114 heroin-filled condoms, supplied by Hutchinson Tran, when police burst in.
Vo was prepared to swallow 30 packages but Diaz had apparently reconsidered, realising they could burst inside her stomach during the eight-hour flight back to Sydney.
Meanwhile, four Australians from Brisbane - aged 24, 22, 18, and 19, had been arrested in Brisbane and charged with conspiring with Chan and Sukumaran of conspiring to import heroin to Australia.
A fifth, Khanh Thanh Ly, 24, was arrested in Sydney. Ly subsequently pleaded guilty, but said he was only a 'run around' in the gang whose members included Sukumaran, and was never paid but did it for the 'glamour' and entries to parties and clubs.
The Bali Nine incident was linked to one of the world's biggest drug syndicates, Crescent Moon, which has smuggled large quantities of heroin from Myanmar (Burma) to Western countries.
Chan has admitted he saw the Bali Nine deal as a 'quick pay day'. He has never spoken about his involvement in the Hong Kong deal.....


Traditionally we think all whites are of European heritage, but that is in fact not true, some are also of Middle Eastern, native American or Asian heritage.

Why is that the case? Simple, in the beginning there were only blacks, however amount the blacks there was a mutation and some of them became whites. During the ice age, the lighter skin tone whites, better adapted to the then cold, Asia, Europe and America, black better suit Africa. Eventually, Africa was dominated by blacks, whites exist in Asia, Europe and America. Blacks also travel to and settle and dominated in Australia and as far East as India. After the ice age melt down, climate in Asia and America became warmer, as a result, the next mutation allow people of yellow race, to dominate Asia and red race, to dominate America. However, a small handful of people from those region remain white, usually due to living in isolated area or in colder climate. In Asia, whites usually gather in Central Asia, just North of Tibet. Many of these people today live in China's Xiang Jiang province. There are also some that live in, 'Middle East, for example in Lebanon, people whom are white with blond hair and blue eyes are very common. One of the best example, would be the current Prime Minister of Iraq, he is of Middle Eastern heritage, yet, he is white. Also the current Prime Minister of Iraq is white. When European first have conflict with Native Americans, there was also records where, the Europeans occasionally came across tribes native Americans whom are white.

In modern China, the whites from central China are seen increase danger. As a form of method to secure their power, the Communist encourage people to hate people of other race, as a result, there was increase dangerous to these white people. Those whom are taught to be racist, are more likely to turn a blind eye to Communist persecuting against these racial minorities. Human right activist in Asia have for the past 10 years lobbying to provide asylum for these people in China

A Chinese girl from China's Xian Jiang Province, as you can see she is white

The current Prime Minister of Iraq



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We all know language change, including words and grammars. Why do language change? Language is the product of the culture of a society. Culture is the product of human believe. A social culture is the product of the practice and believe of a society in general. Such can be the result of many thing, including our experience, our education etc. Many people believe culture is passed down from one generation to the next this isn't true. People of the previous generation can passed their own culture value to the next generation, but whether the next generation would accept it, is of their own determination. For example, traditional western value believe in following the Catholic church, to be loyal to the King, hate people of other religion, race, gays and Jews. But while there are still some conservatives, especially amount the older generation, most people, especially amount the younger generation says, fuck the church, fuck the King and why should I stick with people only of my own race. 50s years ago in the west, marrying somebody of a different race and religion would be frown upon, especially if it is for a white woman to married a none white. Today, nobody cares about it, girls whom are more rebellious, deliberately married men of different race or religion, just to say "why the F*** can't I married somebody of a different race or religion" (FYI: That was the exact reason why Barack Obama's white mother chose to married a black guy/Muslim when she was young, because Obama's grand parent, forbid cross race and religion marriages.) Language also a product of social culture, would also evolve and change with every passing generation, due to the exact same reason, just take a look at Shakespeare, you can see, the way people speak during the 16th century is very different from today. Even look at speeches of Abraham Lincoln, only 100 years ago people speak different. Take a few example, today the word "cop" stand for police officer, but 60 years ago, this word doesn't exist, but during that time they start saying "C.O.P" stand for "Constable on Patrol" and that is where the modern word cop came from. So, in what way, is the English language change by 60 years later, this are a few trend, we know would happen for certain.

1. (would happen for certain) The word "you" and "your" would no longer be used and became a part of ancient English, people of the future will say "u" and "ur" instead. It is already common today, although "u" and "ur" is not consider correct spelling today, therefore cannot be used in formal documents, on informal occasion, people are already frequently using this spelling, consider it have the exact same pronunciation. By the time of our grand children's generation, "u" and "ur" would be amount the wording of the next generation, with the same definition of "you" and "your". And "u" and "ur" would be the word that people normally use. "you" and "your" would be like "thee" and "thou" words only educated would know about and just like "thee" and "thou", "you" and "your" will no longer be word people use, they will become words used by people of previous generations.

2. (would happen for certain) "Xmas" would replace "Christmas". Xmas is a term that emerged recently, a product of hollywood, but has the same term as Christmas. It is a much shorter spelling. 60 years later, the term Xmas, would join formal English, and the term "Christmas" would join ancient English. Children of our grand children's generation would say "Xmas" rather then "Christmas", by the time it is our grand great children's generation, they would only know "Xmas", they won't know what do the term "Christmas" mean, unless they look it up in a dictionary.

3. (would happen for certain) The rule of using "Have, has, had" become loosen. 60 years later this would be consider correct grammar "He have a table" "I has a book", but the current grammar would also be consider correct, basically, people would loosen the grammatical rules in such arena and use what they want freely.

4. (Would happen for certain) New words origin from the none west, join English, we are already seen this happening, with words such as "Sushi" and "Fang Shai" currently, they are all describing things that doesn't exist in the west, but it is a matter of time, when, they start describing others too. English language, have traditionally seen influence of other western culture, especially Greek and Latin and played a big role, in forming our language, traditionally there are no none western influence, because during the ancient days, the west have rejection tendency to the none west and also because little contact, but today, that is no longer the case.

5. (would happen for certain) "Miss" and "Mrs" be replace as "Ms",

6. (might happen) Loosing the silent "e" a lot of changes towards the english language today, seem to be a result of simplifying it by removing unnecessary. Therefore the silent "e" at the end of many word, is something else, that might see removal. 60 years later, people might be writing without the silent "e". So instead of writing "The apple taste very sweet. Eating it is an enjoyable experience." they would write "th appl tast very sweet. Eating it is an enjoyabl experienc."

7. (Would happen for certain) "Asap" stand for 'As soon as possible". We already seen the word cop, emerged into existence due to the fact people 60 years ago write "C.O.P" for Constable on Patrol. Today people too frequently write "A.S.A.P" as short for As soon as possible. It is just a matter of time, till there is literally a word that spell "asap" that means as soon as possible.

8. (might happen) "Jihad", the Muslim word that stand for "Holy war" would literally be a part of the English language, but it won't mean a literal "holy war", it would be a metaphorical reference for example, if two best friends are getting into a fight, we would tell everybody from avoid getting tangle in it by saying "Quick get out of this room. These two are about to have a Jihad" In other word, it would stand for "major conflict"

9. (might happen) "He" and "him" would be formally used to refer to as person's mother. Today we refer to all male as "he" and "him" and all female as "she" and "her", but it is likely in the future the word "he" and "him" would refer to a male and ones own mother and grand mother. and the word "she" and "her" would refer to all female other then ones mother or grand mother. This is because, men don't like to see their mother as a woman, if they can't see them as a man, then they rather see them as a gender neutral been, but no guy, like to see their mother as a female. Therefore, it is likely, this would have an influence, where eventually, 60 years or 80 years later, the English grammar no longer refer to one's own mother as "she", but use the term "he" instead. and because no boys like other men other then their father, to see their mother as a women, it is possible that when you refer to a female under normal circumstances, but when you refer to such person as a mother or grand mother, you use the term "he". So you would say "she is an interesting women", because you are just referring to her as a person, but if you are referring to her as a mother you would say "he is a good mother." It is even possible that this would lead to a series of chain reaction and 100 years in the future the term "she" and "her" would be a sexual way to refer to a woman, something you use only as an intimate calling for your wife or other women you are having sex with, normally you refer to both male and female as "he" and "him" using the term "she" or "her" to refer to a random female, you are not in a sexual relationship with, probably going to get you sue for sexual harassment.

10. (might happen) The term "King" "Emperor" and "President" have increasingly the same meaning. With increase maturity in democracy and the death of old school problematic value of "King is god's given right", people is increasingly understanding, the nation is the property of its people, and the leader of the nation disregards to government system, is the same thing, therefore, King is not god's given right, nation state are like a major tribe and the land is rightfully the property of the people of the tribe and the tribe has a chief in a democratic state it is call a "President", the King is not god's given right, but merely somebody given the privilege of playing the role of the chief. Therefore a "King" and a "President" is the same thing, it is a chief of a tribal state, whose land belongs to people of the tribe. We just give them different names. Therefore, in the future, the definition of the term "Chief", "King" "Emperor" and "President" would become increasingly the same. Sooner or later, it would be acceptable to call a democratic elected national leader a "King" or a "Emperor".

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