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The New Wonderful Peter Yang's variety blog - by The wonderful Peter Yang

In battle those whom can arrivved to the location fisrt and wait for the enemy is well rested, the one that arrived later are more exhausted. So, a good military commander is one that is able to pick the battle field and not let your enemy pick the pattle field.

If you can let your enemy hook into your trap, it would be the result of providing them with advantage as lure, if your enemy doesn't dare to come, it is because you could threaten them with damage.

So, when your enemy is well rested, you need to find a way to make him exhausted, when the enemy is full, you have to find a way to make him starve, when the enemy is silent, you need to make him move, when you attack your enemy, it must be at a location where they lease expected.

If your army can march for miles and not be exhausted, is because when they move foward, they didn't meet any enemy, or only meet very weak enemy force. If they can easily defeat the enemy, is because the enemy is not heavily fortified or difficult to fortifide. Successful defense is because our troops make the enemy doesn't dare to attack us or make it difficult to take our town.

So, those who are offensive expert, know how to make it difficult for the enemy to defend, those who are good at defense, make it difficult for the enemy to know how to attack.

If you can remain as secretive as possible, then you would have the chance to decide your enemy's fate.

When you attack and your enemy can't hold you off, is because you attack them at a location where they are ill defended, if they can get away quickly, is because your army moves quickly, making it hard for your enemy to catch up with you.

So, if I want war, then it must be a situation, where the enemy have no choice by to fight, because we attack them at where it hurt.

If I don't want to fight, even if we just draw a border line, the enemy still won't be able to fight me, because I force them to move towards another location.

Therefore, try to find ways to fool your enemy to reveal their own ambition, but don't let ourselve, reveal our self. This way, we would allow our force to be concentrated, but our enemy's force, divided. In other word, it is to leave our enemy wide open and keep our own forces, hidden.

If my forces are all focus on one location, but my enemy's forces is seperated at ten different location, then when I attack, my army would be ten times more powerful then my enemy.

If I outnumber my enemy by so much, then I would need to spend lesser strength by defeat my enemy.

If my enemy don't know where we would attack, then he need defense everywhere, his troops would be more diverted. So, when I do attack, the force I need to spend would be lesser.

So, when the enmy focus on front line defense, their back would be expose, if they focus on their left wing, their right wing would be expose. If they focus everywhere, then everything would be expose.

So, when your army lack troop number, is because he need to defend everywhere. If I out number my enemy, is because my enemy is too diverted.

So, to be able to pridict the location and time to engage our enemy, we can move for a long distance to meet our enemy, in battle.

If we cannot predict the time or location to engage our enemy, then we would be hurry to secure left, secure right, secure front, secure back, not to mention the fact, sometime your troops need to travel for miles.

So, just because your country have more troops, can't necessary guarentee victory.

So, even when your enemy have a larger army, it doesn't necessary mean they can use their entire force, to engage me in battle.

So, in depth analysis involve knowing about our enemy's strength and weakness, to know to tease your enemy, to be able to know more about their strength and reveal themselves. To understand the strength and weakness in the geography, to understand your enemy's strength and to understand the truth and lies about your enemy's force

So, the best way to lure your enemy and to set out your army's formation, is to not let your enemy see any trace of yourself.

This way, even if there are enemies spies, they won't be able to figure out about your strength,thus can't find a good way to deal with me.

To understand change in our enemy's forces and then freely use combat ability, would allow us victory, without the enemy even knowing

We all know about the normal way to achieve victory, but not everybody understand how we can use intels on the enemy to change our strategy accordingly to achieve victory.

We cannot always use the exact same strategy, but we need to change our technique according to the situation of our enemy.

Think of using troops as water. Waters always move from higher ground to lower ground, in using troops, it is avoid attacking them at their strong point and attack them at their weak point.

Just like water would move low, from higher ground, when using troops, we need to look at our enemy's situation to change our technique accordingly. So, there are no unchangable way to fight a war, just like there are no definite shape of water.

If your army can use information on the enemy, change your technique accordingly to adapt to your enemy's situation, then you would have definite victory, just like in the nature, one animal can kill another, you can change into each season, to suit your need (in other word, use the survival the fittest principle, change yourself to adapt to the situation and you will win, failure to change accordingly to adapt mean you are going to go extinct.)

Asian pop: Just a dream

August 28th 2014 04:37


15 Times World War 3 Nearly Started

August 27th 2014 02:16


Russian Town in Mongolia

August 26th 2014 01:13
The Russian town located in modern Mongolia is a single town in Mongolia that has a Russian ethnic group majority. During the 17th Century, Russians Emperor Peter the Great decided to expend his country' territory East, into modern Eastern Russia, North of China, however during that time, the Manchurian Empire's Emperor Kangshi, was also sending people to explore north and claiming territory on the way, this eventually resulted in a war between Russia and Manchuria between land both have claimed, to be their own. Resulted in the Manchuria and Russia war. Manchuria whom was the victor of the war, gain the upper hand within negotiation and decided for the Orkhon River to be the border between the two states, claiming all land they believe to be their's. During that time Mongolia was a part of the Manchuria Empire and Emperor Kangshi, place all land north of Mongolia into Mongolian's jurisdiction..

Russians that already settled at the land South of the river was allowed to stay and merged into Mongolians. By mid WW1 Russia fall to Communist rule, Mongolia and China once again received huge wave of Russian refugees. Most of them settle in Norther Mongolia.

Despite Russia is a western country, it was a part of the Mongolian Empire from 13th~16th century. The Asian influence during the time means unlike then Europe, Russia doesn't believe in the then western value of race separation and to hate people of other race and believe in the eastern value of only distinguish between good and evil, in affair of people and distinguish between state, in affair of the state. So, as time went by people of Russia and Mongolia living in Mongolia all just merged into one.

After the Chinese Communist Party took over China, Mongolia, Manchuria, Tibet and Xian Jiang, fearing the people of China would work with foreign country to overthrow the communist, the communist started to suppress anti racist ideal, by killing people whom speak out against racism and destroying Confucius ideology, which is anti racist and encourage people to hate those whom are of other race. However, this doesn't have an influence over Mongolia, because in the 50s, under Russia's support Mongolia became independent from China (although still a Communist state) and the Mongolia Communist government didn't push for racism, like the Chinese Communist government did. So, racism didn't became an issue after the Communist took over either and Russian whom decent in Mongolia from the 17th century migration wave and early 20th century migration wave, is still one, with the people of Mongolia.

Below is a short documentary about the decedents Russian whom settle to China during WW1, follow by a short documentary of the Russia town, which unfortunately do not have subtitle.

The Russians in China, living close to the border usually do not receive racist treatment, because the communist influence here is lesser, so the people here are still not racist, but once they move in land, they do get treated in a racist manner, most Chinese whom are against racism, was been killed off during the 50s~ 70s, (During that time the Communist killed 1/2 of China's population, anybody whom are anti racist and can not be persuaded to convert to racism, was executed.) It also result in a situation where most Russian decent in China, choose to live on the border, because the Chinese there are still not racist.

Most Russians in Mongolia's Russia town are now half Asians, because unlike China whom have converted to racism, meaning lesser cross race marriage, Mongolia didn't convert to racism, so cross race marriage is extremely frequent, meaning the minority white are assimilating into the Asian majority very quickly. In China, Russia assimilating into Asians slow down quickly, after the 70s, due to a slow down in cross race marriage, due to China converting to racism, due to Communist influence. After 1978, the Chinese Communist party no longer suppress anti racist view, but continue to encourage racism. Recently the encourage of racism have also spark wide protest in Hong Kong, as the Communist are trying to establish a mandatory subject in Hong Kong primary and high school, teaching children to hate people of other race. High school students throughout Hong Kong went on strike, and refuse to go to school and gain major support in Hong Kong's parent groups and teachers, with primary school parents refusing to send their kids to school and teachers going on strike, burning the pro racist text books, in piles.


Asian Pop: Love Enough

August 25th 2014 13:15



History of Rockets: Past to Present

August 24th 2014 04:40

Pre Rocket era: Bow and arrows is the ancestor of rockets, people throughout Asia continue to find way to increase the range of their bow and arrows, after the discovery of gun powder of the 9th century, people in Asia realized they can use it as a projector to increase the range of their arrows, thus leads to the invention of rockets

1. Below is a 10th century rocket, it has a firing range of 500 meters, which is two hundred meters further then max range of bow and arrow, it is an arrow with an exploding warhead by and a rocket projector that allow arrow to fire to a range of over 500 meters. However, this weapon has a serious issue in regards to accuracy rate, as the arrow spiral wildly, It is a weapon that can be use, if you want to target large group of enemy spread out throughout an area, but useless, if you are to use it to target individual enemy target.

2. This is later rocket improve upon previous rockets design, these weapons was been recorded to be use in Japan, Korea, China and Mongolia. It resolved the accuracy problem, by investigating projection dynamic principle. The smaller version, this weapon was most famously used by the Mongolia Empire, whom conquer 1/3 of Europe with only 1000 troops.

3. 14th century China saw the invention of the first RPG, a wooden hand held device that can fire multiple rockets at once. The invention of this weapon officially put an end to the era of archers in China, with rocket launchers replacing all archers within China's infantry.

4. 15th century saw the invention of first multi rocket launcher, it establish its important position in the Korea Japan war, where the Korean defeated an overwhelming number of Japanese troops with 40 multi rocket launcher. Multi rocket launcher are been place within artillery unit

5. 15th century China invented the first multi stage rockets

6. After the 13th century rocket technology arrived to the middle east. The Ottoman Empire that ruled all of modern middle east till the early 20th century, invented this new form of Torpedo for their navy during the 15th century and is the earliest form of Torpedo in recorded history. It was most famous in the 15th century war, where the Ottomans destroy entire fleet of Spanish warship, using it. This weapon has rockets and explosion attached to a flotation device.

7. By 16th and 17th century Europeans started researching into the building of rocket, after the Ottoman Empire agree to present the Europeans with rocket building capability that are seriously outdated in Asia and the middle east.

In 1540 Vannoccio Biringuccio published knowledge of rocket technology whom was learned from the middle east. It is the first time in history, that European society, other then Russia whom was ruled by the Mongolian Empire gain their hand on rocket building knowledge.

In 1597, Daniel Pavelourt published a basic instruction manuel of building field rockets for the French military

Also in 16th century Johann Schmidlap an entertainer found ways to allow rockets to fire to high range and create the fire work display same as the ones we see in modern new year fire work display. Johann Schmidlap's principle was later been adopted by modern long range missile to allow it to fire over extreme long range and is adopted by NASA to fire rockets into space, however, it wasn't able to help then Europeans to develop rocket technology

In 1647 Nathaneal Lye wrote a manual on the design of 7 type of infantry rockets.

In 1668 German started researching on the possibility of building rocket base artillery

However, despite all of their research European rockets was extremely primitive in comparison to Asia and Middle Eastern rockets and was not a practical weapon, to be used in warfare. With the exception of Johann Schmidlap's research that finally made a contribution to rocket technology, European rocket research during the 16th and 17th century, made no contribution to modern rocket technology.

8. In 1687 when Sir Isaac Newton published "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" Despite his research was not intended for rocket technology, it was the first western contribution that was been able to adopted in the usage of rocket technology. Soon after the paper was published, Sir Isaac Newton's research got the interest of the Chinese and Japanese. Chinese military, adapt this principle into their own artillery research. After the adaptation of Sir Issac Newton's principle, Asia and Middle East rockets and cannons, has a sudden range and fire power boost that was unimaginable to before. For example, the Great General class cannon of China in late 17th century, have a firing range of 1km. Unfortunately Sir Isaac Newton's research was not able to provide Europeans with the same advantage, as then Europe still lack many other knowledge and skills related to rocket and cannon development that Asia and Middle East already perfect in since hundreds of years ago.

9. During the 18th century, French became the leading country in Europe for rocket technology, however, 18th century European rockets was still extremely ineffective and was not been much used in warfare, by European troops. The Middle East and Asia despite having highly effective rockets, still refuse to give up to date rocket knowledge to the Europeans, mostly because Asian and Middle Eastern people consider Europeans to be primitive and savage, therefore consider the Europeans as a threat,therefore not trust worthy to give them good technology. This believe of the western threat was further intensified, after seen European's treatment of Africans and Native Americans, whose technology were even more primitive then Europe.

10. The Tipu rockets was the most fearful weapon the British encounter during the 18th century. It was an weapon invented in India. By mid 18th century, India sank into civil war. The British decide it would be a good opportunity for them to conquer India while they are divided. Instead what the British troops face was a total disaster.

In battle, the British faced off with India military technologies that are centuries ahead of anything the British have ever encounter.

India only send 1000 Indian troops against the British and used the Tipu rockets to wipe out an army of 30000 British troops, before the British even have a fighting chance.

The Tipu rockets has a firing range up to 2km. The pride of 18th Century British army and navy "the Carronade cannon", only has a range of 400 meters. This is a range less than 1/4 of the Tipu rocket. Only 1/2 of the Great General Class cannon of 17th century China that could fire 1km. It is a range even shorter then the first rockets invented by China 900 years ago, which has a range of 500 meters.

A standard European infantry rifle only have the firing range of 100 meters. That is a firing range, even shorter then a 12th century Mongolian archer that could fire up to 300 meters even without the help of rocket projection and consider many of these archer's arrow had exploding warhead, it ironically and disturbingly mean, even a 12th century Mongol infantry archer units was superior to a 18th century European riflemen infantry units, in range combat.

British forces was been wiped out without a fighting chance. It was estimated, every single Tipu rocket killed 3 and injured 4 British soldier, repeated firing this rockets, five times along would killed 50000 British soldier, before the British even have the chance to fire their cannons.

However, because India was in the middle of civil war/total war and as a result, couldn't have the additional resource and manpower to invade Britain, after wiping out Britain's first invasion attempt. Meaning after every failed invasion, Britain is able to rest, regroup and restrengthen their forces and come again and the same thing would happen, during Britain's next attempt to try conquer India, which is a large British forces got wiped out without a fighting chance, with minimum number of India troops.

However, the civil war in India last for over 20 years and led the country into total bankrupt, as the civil war/total enter its 20th years, India was so crippled by the civil war/total war, they no longer have any strength left to hold off another wave of foreign invasion and without the reinforcement from the Ottomans or the Chinese, India was been defeated by Britain in 1799.

After defeating India, Britain soon seized blue prints of India's weapon and study them and adapted them to British military. The successful invasion of India mark a turning point in world history, where British military almost over night caught up with Asia and Middle East. British sharing these technology with the rest of Europe, also led to the sudden rise of German, France and other Western European countries. In addition to the increase corruption issue in China's government and financial melt down within the Ottoman Empire and success in Industrial revolution in Europe, within 20 years, Europe surpassed Asia and the Middle East as the next generation of world power, with Britain as its leader. From the 19th century on wards, Europe and America would replace Asia and Middle East as the leader of rocket base weapon technology.

Base on this information, it can be argued that, during the 18th century, Europe's average military technology standard was at least 500~600 years behind Asia and the middle east. And if Britain didn't have the opportunity to sucker punch India into defeat, within its 20th year of civil war, today, only Asia and Middle East's military technology would have the opportunity to develop into what it is today and Europe would still be at least 500~600 years behind, which is the level of military technology Asia and Middle East have during the 15th~16th century. It would also mean, the cold war, would be purely a western problem, because Russia would under no circumstances, pose a threat to any Asia or Middle Eastern country. Thus the Vietnam war and Korea war would never have taken place, nor would China be a communist state. But the Taliban would pose a much bigger threat to Europe, as Europe's military technology would be no match against them and the Americans and British would need to call for China, to protect them from the invading Taliban forces.

We could even further argue that the British's defeat of India, is like the Germanic tribes' defeat of Rome, where an inferior force, defeat a superior force, by sucker punching them, when they are yet to have the opportunity to recover from a complete bankrupt meltdown of a total war.

11. In the early 19th century, British adaptation of India Tipu rockets, the "Congreve rocket" is the first western self develop rocket that is effective in warfare, however the weapon still only have a firing range of 1km, which make it still inferior to India's Tipu rocket.

The Congreve rocket was developed by Sir William Congreve in 1804. Despite it was still inferior to Asia and Middle Eastern rocket. The fact that less then 5 years ago the maximum range of British weapon was still only 300 meters and now they can fire up to 1 km, prove the adaptation of India weapon is letting Europe quickly catching up with Asia and the Middle East in military technology, which would result in Europe surpassing Asia and Middle East within 20 years.

However, due to the influence of white supremacy value, a lot of knowledge that undermine the idea that white people are superior, was been censored in the west, during that time era. As a result, apart from those whom served in the British military, during that time, few people in Britain, know of the mass casualty of British troops in India during the 18th century. Few British know that western rockets of the 19th century, was really adaptation of India rockets, most people think it is a pure western invention, without foreign influence. Most people in Britain was led to believe, in India, the British was fighting a primitive military armed with nothing but swords and shield and bow and arrows and it was an easy win, for the British army.

12. The Hale Rocket, was invented by British engineer in William Hale in 1844. it has a firing range of 2km. However this weapon was not been used by the British until 1866. It was first been used by the Americans in 1846. Later during the American civil war the US used the improved version of Hale rockets, better known as the Hale patent rocket launcher

13. WW2 saw more modern rockets coming into existence, including the early form of missiles. Including the V2 Missile of Germany, which was used to launch missile strikes against Britain. After WW2 this weapon was been adopted by British and United States.

V2 Rocket

Also during WW2 US invented the first modern RPG, the "Bazooka"

14. By the cold war even more modern missile emerged, including modern laser guided missile, air to air missile, defense missile etc. Today's missile have reached the maximum range necessary. Long range attack missiles have a range capable of hitting anywhere on the planet. Unless we see the day where human colonize other planet, there is no need to develop missile with even further firing range. Modern missiles focus on the weapon's attack speed and defense missile's ability to intercept enemy offensive missile, before the attack missile hit its target. The faster a missile's attack speed is, the harder it would be to intercept the missile. Currently, even a standard North Korean Long range attack missile, can reached the United States, in 30 minutes, the speed of most modern industrialize and developed country's attack missile are even faster.

My Asian pop play list

August 22nd 2014 07:49

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