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Asian pop: A dream

February 27th 2015 10:15


1. Original version from Africa we know.

The god known as Raj, he has a son name Adam. Another god had a daughter call Lilith and the two gods arranged for their children to wed. But, after they wed Adam was brutal and wanted Lilith to submit to him. Lilith refused and left, to live along by the sea. So, one night when Adam was sleeping, Raj took a rib from Adam and create another woman name Eve and made Eve Adam's wife.

Raj then went to Lilith saying if Lilith is not to return to Adam's side, he would kill all of Lilith children. Lilith refused, so Raj called upon a great flood and demons to kill all of Lilith's children. Lilith killed the demons and stopped the flood, but many of her children are dead. Angry, Lilith joined force with another god, call Lucifer. They tricked Adam and Eve into eating a golden fruit, promising them eating it would give them power, but instead, it turn them into mortals. Then Lilith sworn, she would seek revenge for her children's death upon the children of Adam and Eve, she would use her beauty to seduce their sons and killed them and she would curse their daughters, to have miscarriages.

2. Legion by early Judaism.

The King of gods Raj, created a man name Adam and a woman name Lilith, out of mud and made them wed. Adam wanted Lilith to submit to him, but Lilith won't. Lilith then called out Raj name for three time and by doing so, turn Lilith into a god.

Lilith refusing to obey Adam, went to lived by the Red sea and created many humans out of mud, in her on creation. Raj told Lilith to return to Adam and Lilith refused, as punishment Raj, send flood and demons upon Lilith's children. He then return to Adam and took out one of Adam's rib and created another woman name Eve, whom is willing to submit to Adam.

After killing the demons and stopping the flood, Lilith returned to seek revenge on Raj and Adam. She allied with another god name Lucifer, and seduce Adam and Eve into eating a golden fruit that made them mortal. Afterwards, Lilith cursed Adam and Eve, saying their sons would be easily seduce by demon women and be destroy by these demon women. Their daughters after becoming pregnant would have miscarriages or die in labor. Early Jews whom believe they are children of Adam and Eve, worn ambulant to protect themselves from Lilith's curse.

3. Later Judaisms legion

Remain the same, but Raj gone from been the King of Gods, to become the only god and eventually only known as God. The other gods, became known as Angels.

4. Christian legion

By the era of Christianity, Lilith was removed from the picture all together, only Adam and Eve are left. It said god created a man name Adam and then a woman name Eve out of Adam's rib and the two of them wed, they were seduce by Lucifer the demon to eat the forbidden fruit, which is a golden fruit, which turn them mortal. In later version, the golden fruit turned into an apple.

5. Muslim legion

Same as Christianity, but Raj became known as Allah.

6. South Asia legion

The original story of Lilith, Adam and Raj, took on a different live, after people moved from Africa to Asia. In South Asia, it is said, Lilith the mother of all creation, came down to earth and created man. The god Adam was in love with Lilith and when Lilith refused to married him, Adam send down demons to kill Lilith's children. Lilith killed the demons and then killed Adam.

7. East Asia

By the time people reached East Asia, the legion said, Lilith the mother of all creation came down to earth, by the yellow river and using the mud there, she created human. The war between two rival tribes in heaven, accidentally, broke the seal upon hell and flood waters and demon came to the world of man. Lilith sealed the door and killed the demons. Later, in history, Lilith got a new name known as Newa. Adam, Eve and Raj was been written off and no longer exist.

(The special thing about Lilith is that, in all legion that exist, she was known to be extremely beautiful, but instead of having legs, she have a snake like tail. This exist in all version of legions where Lilith existed. Although in East Asia's pop culture today, they sometime give Lilith legs. In Europe Lilith got written off, all together, by the era of Christiantiy)

One of the earliest images of Lilith found, but here she have hawk claws rather then snake tail

A statue of Lilith seducing Adam and Eve at the 16th chaple

A Painting from China where Lilith seal the portal between the world of men and hell

Lilith brought back as a powerful demon in US Tv series Super Nature

Adam Portray as a brutal savage in a drama in China and sworn enemy of Lilith

Lilith portray as the mother that create all living been on earth and a gentle soul in the same drama

MTV of that same drama


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