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Asian Pop: Yes or no

May 27th 2015 05:36



Asian Pop: Ask god

May 21st 2015 19:31
When the moon light shine upon my face, I think I have changed completely. There is a type of soup call heart ace, give you some unusually power. When you close your eyes you can see heaven, that is the place where I can see your smile. I hide from the guns of a thousand hunters, drive away the sadness of the grave. For you I become a werewolf, I caught the disease call insanity. For you I disguise myself, change my heart and soul. Can we meet again. I knell in front of Buddha and bagged for thousands of years. Willing to use many of life time, to see just to be with you for one life time, hoping I can move the gods. Can we meet one more time. I knell in front of Buddha and bagged for thousands of years. Before I cross over to world of dead, let me kiss you face one last time, let me kiss your face one last time.



[thml3456]<iframe width="560" height="315" Really Long Link frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

During the 17th century, the Europeans started capturing Africans to be used as slaves and frequently treat them as sub humans and with a racist attitude.

The racism towards black in Europe sparked outraged in human right groups throughout Asia and Middle East. In China, 17th century Human rights group lobby the government to take action against the inhuman action of slavery. By late 17th century, the Emperor of China passed a law saying any blacks that came to China and asked for political asylum against slavery, should be granted. China's navy also actively attack European slave ships on open water and execute slave traders for human trafficking and providing any black that want asylum in China.

This also sparked the China Portuguese war, most blacks that gain asylum in China, settled in the villages along China's Fujian Province. The Portuguese as the most powerful European navy of the time led the charge to raid the villages, to capture the blacks and take them back to Europe. Resulting in the Emperor of China declaring war on Portuguese. During that time in history, European cannons had a range less then 300 meters and can only fire one round per 10 minutes, navel warfare rely heavily on, boarding enemy ship and defeat them in close range combat. Asia cannon already have a range of 1km and can fire rapidly and by that stage Asia cannons was already using shells, significantly reducing reloading speed. Europe was still using cannon balls. With their superiority in fire power and fire range, the Chinese defeated the Portuguese with ease. The next stage of the war, the Chinese plan for Chinese troops to conquer Portuguese itself, but the King of Portuguese surrender and gave into all of China's demand. The result of this war, also ended Portuguese reign as the most powerful European navy and was been replace by Spain.

Many of the formal male African slaves that settle in China, join the navy. Later, Chief of China's navy also had the idea to create a ground combat unit for the navy, when trying to conquer enemy land and thus created the first marines in human history. Within this new Chinese marine corp. there was a unit known as the black tigers. The unit was entirely composes of blacks. Unlike the Europeans, the Asians treat the blacks as equals and gave them the same treatments, in addition to the fact that China went the extra length to go to war with Portuguese just to protect their civil right, many blacks was willing to go the extra mile, to serve the China Empire. As a result, as soldiers, blacks usually out perform their Asian counterpart. During the 17th century, where people have lesser understanding towards psychology and biology, the Chief of China's navy, thought that it is the result, of black people have certain biological superiority in athleticism. And decided to create a special forces unit for the marines, using all black troops. This unit was called the Black tigers.

Later war between China and Manchuria broke out. The Manchurians seized control of China's capital and killed the Emperor, with the capital gone, the military are now independent and the Chief of navy is the highest commander of the navy. Chief of Navy Zhan Zelong, appointed his son Zhan Changong as Deputy Chief of Navy and himself went North to try conduct diplomacy with the Manchurians, but was been executed instead. Zhan Changong thus was promoted to Chief of Navy, he was quick to appoint the black tigers as his elite guards, a unit that listen to the command of nobody but himself. Long term black tiger soldier, Louis Thomas, was appointed as the Colonel in command of the unit. Under Louis Thomas' command, the black tigers completed the mission nobody thought possible and retook the Southern Capital of China from the Manchurian forces, despite having no reinforcement and been out number.

With the Federal government gone, Zhan Changong decided to form a new nation and this new China state would have him as Emperor, but before that he decided to keep moving North, but the intelligent got into the hand of the Manchurians, causing Zhan Changong to loose this major offense. Zhan Changong thus retreated to Fujiang province. Knowing his marines can't hold out against the Manchurian for long now, he decided to attack Taiwan, which during that time was a colony of the Dutch.

Once again the black tigers fought the front line and successfully took the beaches of Taiwan. Louis Thomas then order for propaganda warfare against the Dutch, using hot air balloons to drop propaganda leaflets upon the Dutch. After loosing a great number of soldiers to the Chinese, the Dutch forced their black slave to fight against the Chinese, but soon, the blacks surrender to the Chinese troops, after receiving the black tiger's propaganda leaflets. The Dutch despite wanting to surrender, felt reluctant to surrender to blacks, until Zhan Changong order artillery bombardment upon the Dutch. The Dutch, now only have one fort left, fort Zealander. To take the fort, it require for the fort's close by cannon tower to be taken first. Zhan Changong first order bombardment on the cannon tower and then at night time, he once again send the black tigers to assault and successfully took the tower, then the Chinese marines and navy conducted artillery bombardment upon the fort, causing the Dutch to surrender their final defensive position.

a 17th century Dutch sketch of Black Tiger soldiers, while Zhan Changong accepting Dutch surrunder

Supergirl - First Look

May 14th 2015 03:46

Naomi Watts (age 46)
Can you image that Naomi Watts is 46 years old? This photo of her above is from the new movie insurgent, where she play the mother of a 20 something years old man. But, she look more like a girl, then a woman her age.

Can you believe Danica Mckellar is 40 years old and is a mum? This photo is taken last year. Is this the type of face you expect from a mother/40 years old woman?

Believe or no John Cho is now 42 years old

Leonardo Dicaprio is currently 40 years old

Don't let this smoking hot model body of Kate Beckinsale fool you. Kate Bechinsale is anything, but a girl, she is a 42 years old woman, this photo was taken last year.

If there are any 20 something years old guy that got a thing for Uma Thuman, sorry to burst your bubbles, she is 45 years old, old enough to be your mum.

Gwyneth Paltrow is currently 42 years old

She look like a free spirit girl in this photo taken last year. But Jennifer Aniston is 46 years old.

Base on this photo taken last year, this might come as a shock to some people, but heather graham is 45 years old.

Tyra Banks might look young, but consider the great deal of experience she got in the fashion industry, you should not be surprise to realize, she is really 41 years old

Pop Song: Don't turn back

May 13th 2015 14:37

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