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Opinion Piece: Politicians of Gen B suck

December 21st 2014 02:13
I remember once on WW2 war film, a colonel said "Well, we want to do a good job, We don't want to make a mess and let the next generation ask the question of what is the people of this generation doing?"

In my opinion, that is exactly what is going on with the politics of this country. Many Gen Y like me probably felt this way, ever since John Howard left office and our parents generation, took power, all we see is politician trying to secure their own power, bashing each other over the head, manipulation and back stabbing and when it comes to running the country, every person in charge is an idiot.

It should be fair to say many Gen Y, miss the days where people from our grand parents era, are the ones in charge, considering the fact it would be a while, until our generation can get to the position of running the country and leaders from our parents generation are just idiots. Nobody like John Howard, but at least unlike Julia Gillard, John Howard, didn't create useless tax such as carbon tax. When John Howard was in charge and there was a wide spread nature disaster, we can rely on the army for relief effort, unlike when Julia Gillard was in charge and the Queensland flood hit, a few years ago, the Queensland government was all along, leaving the public wondering "where is the army?" At least when John Howard was in charge, we didn't saw such steady increase in unemployment rate, the worse inflation since the GFC or a fleet of Russian warship knocking on our front door, like when Tony Abott is in charge. And Bill Shortage, I got a feeling he would be an even worse choice then Tony Abott. Kevin Rudd was a good Prime Minister, but there is nothing stopping him from getting kick out of office, by his own party.

I have long ago said a forecast, Australia would become a second world country in 20 years and we are now seen early stage, of what certain things that might make a first world country drop from first world status, to second world status. Too frequently, the first thing that would lead a nation to drop to second world status, is such conflict in the leadership position, you got people whom are more interest in securing their own power then national interest, in charge (that played a very big role in how China fall during the 19th century). Your choice of leader is limited to a few biggest idiots (that is how the Ottoman Empire fall, during the late 18th century and totally collapse by early 20th century, because their Kings are all economy morons.) and corruption (That is what make Philippine fall, after the mid 20th century and remain as one of the poorest countries, still) and the type of situation where the MP are more interest in securing their own power and only electing MP that suit such need, to become PM, as we seen in Labor recently, is a reflection of legalized corruption.

While when we were teens, the TV in this country usually limit the portray of gen Y to, spoil brats and gangster teens (and some TV show still do.) more and more gen Y can now laugh at those shows at the other side of their head, looking at the political soap drama, political idiocy and disaster, of this nation, under the management of the generation that make those shows.

And it is starting to look, more and more like a situation where, in the future of Australia history, people would look back to the era where Gen B was in charge and ask the question of "What is the people of their generation doing?"

I only hope when it is our generation's term to be in charge of this nation, we won't be as suckie as our parent's generation. And if we really fall to 2nd world status, due to policies of Gen B era, hopefully by the time we are in charge, we can fix it and make this country a first world country again.


Learn about personal injury law in the US

Hi guys,

Recently, I came across the people operating a website that include a webpage that teach people about personal injury law in the US.

Naturally this webpage is also run by a law firm that want to prove to the people viewing their site that they know their stuff and can help you. But it doesn’t change the fact these articles are good for if you live in the US.

The website is been run by the law firm known as VIRK personal injury lawyers. These people specialized in motor vehicle accident, insurance denial, product liability, unsafe premises, slip and fall accident, bar and tavern liability, dog bites and animal attacks, serious injuries and benefits.

Information about personal injury law in the US exist on both the Blog and FAQ page of the website and for your information these are the some recent article that appeared on their blog. “Am I entitled to interest on overdue payments from my insurance company?” “Is any economic loss, however minimal, sufficient for attendant care benefit eligibility?”

And here are some question that appeared on their FAQ page.

What happens once I am discharged from the hospital?
Do I have to proceed with the treatment providers that the insurance company has selected for me?
What are some of the time limits I have to worry about?
What should I bring to our initial meeting?
What if the accident was my fault?
Do I have a claim?
What can I recover?
How much will my lawsuit cost me?
How long will it take to resolve my claim?
What if my injuries prevent me from working?

Make sure you click on the link below to check out the website 

What I love the most about medical clinic website is that sometime they have a webpage that teach you about medical knowledge in the field relevant to the type of treatment they do.

This website of Burlington Pediatric dentistry is one of them. Now, for anybody whom English isn't their first language, Pediatric is a doctor that specialist in the management of medical conditions affecting babies, children and young people. And upon their website is a list of answers to what seem to me, to be common question parents have towards their children’s dental care.

Just listing some of the question they have on their website.

• What Is Pediatric Dentistry?
• Are Baby Teeth Important?
• When Should I Expect My Child’s First Teeth?
• When Should My Child First Visit A Dentist?
• What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?
• What is Pulp Therapy?
• Are X-Rays Dangerous to My Child?
• What Causes Bad Breath?
• What is Periodontal Disease?
• What Causes Tooth Decay?

Here is a bit of information about Dr. Daniel Charland whom operates the website. Dr. Charland attended the University of Western Ontario to complete undergraduate studies in medical science. He then have a Doctor of Dental surgery degree at the University of Toronot. He then gained a Masters in Science and Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry,

Dr Charland is a fellow in Paediatric Dentistry at the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and is licensed in Ontario as Paediatric Dentist.

Dr. Charland holds a position as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific San Francisco California. There he teaches clinical skills and facilitate seminars. He lectures to the Calgary and District Dental Society.

Click on the link below to visit the website

interesting Vacation Home

December 17th 2014 03:25
Hi guys,

Recently I came across these interesting people, whom are renting out resort homes in Costa Rico for rich foreigners like us.

Las Ventanas Del mar, is a beautiful resort home that overlook the beaches of Costa Rico. La Ventanas Del mar is located close to Playa Samara & Playa Carrillo. Playa Samara is a beachfront surfer town, with a variety of beach front bars, restaurants and other shops. Playa Carrillo is one of the best beaches in the country. Close by there is Las Ventanas, a wild life refuge for endangered sea turtle species.

Las Ventanas Del mar offer a wide variety of activities and tours include, World-Class Sport Fishing, Surfing & Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Yoga, Kayak Tours, White Water Rafting, Ziplining, Diving, Guided Nature Tours, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Hiking, ATV Tours, Birdwatching, Volcano Tours, Rain & Cloud Forest Tours, Canyoneering, Boat Tours, Spanish School, Helicopter Tours and Coffee Plantation Tour. All rental homes of Las Ventanas Del mar come with Satellite television and wireless internet. Central air condition, fully equipped chef’s kitchen, private covered parking, pool, beach, tennis supplies and an access to all services of Law Ventanas Del mar.

Costa Rico is a small county at Central America, with very clean environment. It is a democratic nation and curiously enough it does not have an army. It is a small country that is around 20000 square miles and a population of 4 million.

Rental price at Las Ventanas del mar can range from $425US~$700US per night or $2675US~$4410US per week, depending on the apartment you choose to rent.

For more information please visit the website at :

Angelina Jolie got chicken pox

December 17th 2014 00:22

Friends: The Movie (2015 Trailer)

December 16th 2014 10:42


Bosh Car Service Welland is one of the best independent car service companies in the US. They have over 15000 car service centre worldwide as a member car service centre of their organization.

For a car service centre to become a member of Bosch Car service Welland member, it must demonstrate a rigorous certification process. The certification process exam, to become a Bosch Car Service Welland member includes technical skills, customer service and facility design and appearance. Many Bosch Car service Welland car service centre, specialized in repairing a particular model of car and would request jobs to work on car that fall under the category of the model car they specialized in. And when you get your car work with Bosh Car service Welland, you can request a member car service centre that specialized in your type of car. Bosch service Welland also provide their member car service centre with the best replacement parts from Bosh, whom is the biggest original equipment part manufacture in the world.

Bosh Service Welland specialized in the following services
• Brake Servicing and Repair
• Emissions Testing (checks the levels of hazardous materials that escape from a motor vehicle with a combustion engine.)
• Safety Certificates
• Tuneups ( replacing a car’s spark plugs and performing other adjustments to maintain or restore like-new engine performance.)
• Oil Changes
• Alignment Work ( an process that make adjustment to a car so the wheels are aligned with one another and the road surface. )
• Tires
• Front-End Work (adjusting the angles of the wheel so that they are parallel to each other andperpendicular to the ground.)

Please click on the link below to visit their website


Hi guys,

Image this, you have a great idea innovation idea and you create this product that is really good and very useful, but you can’t get your stuff to the right people and as a result can sell anything. Well, to be honest, I’ve been there, fortunately I didn’t invest a lot of money into it (only around $200, but still it was really annoying) and I am too proud to admit to my cousin whom have a master degree in marketing, that I need her help.

But that is why I felt very happy, when I was asked to write about a website that help you to make money from your innovation, asked me to write a blog post to promote their company, I felt very honored. Because, I don’t want other people to have to go through the same thing I did. Innovative Licences and Promote Inc have over 20 years of experience in helping people to make money from their innovation ideas.

There are usually two types of way to sell your innovation product, the first way, which is also the more common way, is for you to create the product, manufacture it and then try to sell it, which might not always be effective, because you don’t necessary have the resource to reach the right market, for your product and sometime not even enough promotion budget to reach enough market. So, you end up with a bunch of unsold product, which, if it reached the right market, would make you a lot of money.

Another way of doing thing is to first get copy right to your product and then, sell licences to other companies to manufacture your product. These companies are already a part of the right market for your product and are looking for new product to manufacture, to their client. The company follow a system they refer to as “3 Ps of licensing.”

1. Patent: Get patent (patent means copy right) for the product you invent.
2. Presentation: Present a visualized presentation that would demonstrate the advantage of your product
3. Promotion: Prepare at least 20 different types of licenses, to be presented to large and medium size companies, in the arena of manufacture or distributors and pitch your product to them, if they like it make a negotiation, in regards to providing them a licence to manufacture this product that has been copy righted to you.

Visit their website at

A blog that teach you about dental care

December 16th 2014 07:26
Hi guys,

Recently, I saw a blog, that teach people about orthodontics care. And after looking at their website, I more than gladly accepted the offer.

In case “orthodontics” is too much of a big word for anybody. It means the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws.

The blog include a lot of articles that provide a lot of information in regards to orthodontic care. Just to name a few articles that has been listed on the blog include “What is an orthodontist?”, “Invisalign fact” and “What is a malocclusion?”,

The blog was operated by Meadowlands Orthodontic clinic. The clinic is headed by Dr Andy Ho, whom is a certified orthodontic specialist. Dr. Ho completed a Bachelor of Science at McMaster University and received his dental degree in 2005, from the University of Toronto. He completed a General Practice Residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital Well Cornell Medical centre, which is one of the best hospitals in the US. He also gain experience is providing dental care for cancer patient at Memorial Sloan kettering cancer centre, which is another top facility in the US. After that he received clinical training in the arena of dentistry and orthodontics from the Albert Einstein college of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Centre. He later received a Orthontic degree and Masters of Science degree at University of Manitoba, at Canada. He also teaches orthodontics to undergraduate dental student at the University of Manitoba. Apart from running Meadowlands Orthodontic clinic he is also a part of the dental team of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

The blog also has the function to allow you to share its articles via facebook, twitter and google plus.

Check out the blog at and make sure you share this wonderful blog, with your friends

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